Why CrossFit Beats the Rest

So what sets CrossFit apart from all the other programmes out there?


What I love about CrossFit is that you never quite know what you are coming up against. Every workout is different in length  and in the combination of exercises. One day you combine running with press ups and dips, the next day you are short stints on the rower combined with heavy deadlifts. And what thatleads to is being FIT in the true sense of the word. Cardio will improve your endurance and stamina, weightlifting and powerlifting movements improve your strength, speed, power and gymnastic and body weight movements help you develop balance, coordination, flexibility and accuracy. CrossFit is all about specializing in NOT specializing in order to be FIT for all life can throw at you. Nothing come close to helping you achieve this fitness like CrossFit.

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The Do-Anywhere CrossFit Workout

No time? No equipment? No space? No problem. This travel-friendly, CrossFit-inspired workout will blast fat and sculpt muscle in minutes. No excuses!

Vacations generally present a number of fitness obstacles, and summer ones are no exception. For starters, there never seems to be enough room in your suitcase for bulky running shoes and the five pairs of wedges you just have to bring. Plus, it’s way too beautiful outside to be holed up in a gym (never mind a tiny hotel room), and your itinerary is jam-packed (you know, with all that poolside lounging).

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CrossFit Workouts at Home: You can do these 24 workouts anywhere!

Everyone knows that CrossFit has taken the workout scene by storm. Now there’s even a professional league dedicated to CrossFit competitions (though it’s not associated with Crossfit).

It’s awesome that so many people are getting in to the CrossFit culture. Even if you don’t agree with the theologies of CrossFit and Paleo, the more people seeking a healthy lifestyle the better. We need all the help we can get to stay healthy and keep our bodies strong.

Another great gift that CrossFit has contributed to the health and fitness world? Accessible workouts and a change of pace. CrossFit workouts are incredibly challenging. They build muscle while stressing your cardiorespiratory system.

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